Southern California’s Clear Choice for Egress Controls & Deadbolt Handles.

Tested to 2 million cycles of operation. The most ever on a certified exit device!

As the leading manufacturer of egress controls and deadbolt handles in Southern California, PRL provides top-notch life safety products delivered locally, nationwide and internationally. Our line of panic hardware is no different.

Only at PRL can architects find certified exit devices in three styles with three exclusive features not available elsewhere; and a full line of similarly designed exterior deadbolt handles that complement our exit devices. PRL of Southern California; we’re the clear choice offering specifiers alternate architectural designs for panic systems.

Egress Controls:

3 Styles & 3 Exclusive Features:

Constructed from tubular stainless steel, our egress controls are narrow, 1 1/4″ diameter L-shaped emergency push bars. Available in three trendsetting styles, standard round, standard mitered round and custom square; our panic devices accent fire exit doors with style. The first ever to design a square life safety device, we are proud to bring you this visionary PRL exclusive!

Specifier & architect note:

Exterior deadbolt handles are not to be confused as panic devices and do not quality as such.

Custom lock modifications available upon request. Some limitations may apply. Please consult with a PRL representative.

Popular, top quality glass and metal products at PRL Glass and Aluminum, Inc. The place to find fire exit devices and deadbolt handles to secure and accent emergency egress systems.

Egress Controls & Deadbolt Handles

3 Exclusive Features: Strongest & Most Reliable in the Industry!

1. Tested to 2 million cycles of operation.
The most ever on a certified exit device! Industry acceptance average is 500,000 cycles.

2. UL approved to accommodate heavy all glass doors up to 10 ft. tall.
The only panic device in the US and Canada certified for glass doors of this height!

3. Fastest lead-times in the industry! Unmatched service!
3-5 day standard lead-times; Next day expedited delivery available with our Urgency Program

Exterior Deadbolt Handles: Fashionable Coordinating Styles

At PRL of the West Coast, we furnish a full line of stylish exterior deadbolt handles. Constructed with similar tubular designs as our interior emergency push bars, specifiers and architects can bring flow and continuity to panic systems with our deadbolt handles

Offering a variety of architectural designs, our deadbolt handles are available in two standard styles; round and square. Fabricating our deadbolts in-house, PRL can accommodate custom tube designs as well as full or partial height deadbolts.

Exterior Deadbolt Handle Features & Options:

  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Deadbolt mechanism at a convenient height
  • Locking option at the head or floor
  • Operable from outside with a keyed cylinder
  • Operable from inside with convenient thumb-turn
  • Optional top latch bolt for electric strike systems
  • Custom manufactured to any length: Full or half size upon request

Located in the City of Industry CA, PRL delivers locally to areas near San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego; nationally to areas in Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii; and internationally to Mexico.

Three egress controls with three exclusive features and deadbolt handles that complement our exit devices.

PRL of Southern California. We stand above the rest. Contact PRL today to design your panic system that will stand above the rest.