Exterior Panic Door Handle Options:

exterior panic door handle options 1

A Style Exterior Panic Handle

exterior panic door handle options 2

D Style Exterior Panic Handle

As Southern California’s leading glass and metal manufacturer, PRL extends an unlimited selection of exterior panic door handle options for all glass and full framed clad doors. Offering a series of exterior panic handles designed to match our interior panic devices, a large selection of exterior deadbolt handles and custom exterior handles; PRL offers exterior handles that will adorn your emergency exit with sophistication.

Exterior handles work independently from interior panic devices and are not required to lock all glass and full framed panic doors. This allows the freedom to choose from an unlimited selection of exterior handles to adorn your emergency egress system however you desire. If the purpose of the panic system is to be an exit-only door, it can be fabricated without an exterior handle.

Exterior Panic Handle Series:

Our exterior panic handle series was created to provide harmony and unison for all glass and full framed panic door systems. Otherwise known as dummy handles, PRL’s exterior panic handles are designed to match our interior panic devices constructed with the same 1-1/4″ diameter tubing.

A,B,C & D Exterior Panic Handles

A, B, C & D Exterior Panic Handles

E, F & L Exterior Panic Handles

E, F & L Exterior Panic Handles

Available in a host of dazzling finishes, we supply all industry standard styles from A to Y to create fabulous all glass and full framed emergency egress systems.

Exterior Panic Handle Finishes:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Satin brass
  • Polished brass
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Custom painted

Exterior Deadbolt Handles:

At PRL, we furnish a full line of exterior deadbolt handles* to complement all glass and full framed clad door panic systems. Tailored with similar tubular designs as our interior panic devices, our exterior deadbolt handles provide fashionable design continuity and security for emergency egress systems.

Our exterior deadbolt handles are offered with keyed cylinders on both the interior and exterior of the door, or a thumb turn on the interior. For controlled panic systems using an electric strike, an optional top latch bolt is available.

Offering three standard styles, custom exterior handle designs and a variety of features and options, PRL delivers premium quality exterior deadbolt handles that will make your emergency egress system stand above the rest.

*Exterior deadbolt handles are not to be confused as panic devices and do not quality as such.

Exterior Deadbolt Handle Styles:

  • Round deadbolt
  • Square deadbolt
  • Full or partial height deadbolt
  • Custom tube designs

Features & Options:

  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Custom manufactured to any length: Full or half size upon request
  • Deadbolt mechanism at a convenient height
  • Locking option at the head or floor
  • Operable from outside with a keyed cylinder
  • Operable from inside with convenient thumb-turn

* Custom lock modifications available upon request. Some limitations may apply. Please consult with a PRL representative.

Exterior Deadbolt Handle & Keypad

Round, Full Height, Exterior Deadbolt Handle
for Controlled Panic System with Keypad Entry

Custom Exterior Handles:

PRL renders custom exterior handles to showcase all glass and full framed door panic systems with personalization. Extruding all custom exterior handles in-house, PRL can accommodate almost any design, shape, finish, diameter or size for emergency exits.

Bring your panic door visions to life by adding a custom exterior handle with a solid or mixed finish. For a more creative flair, PRL can extrude exterior handles in the shape of your company logo or a curved, tubular, geometric or S-shape to create all glass and full framed panic systems that will really wow.

Custom Exterior Pull Handle

Half Moon Shape Custom Exterior Pull Handles