Glass Type Options: All Glass, Full Framed & Aluminum Panic Doors

Need glass type options for all glass, full framed or aluminum panic doors? Shop at PRL of Los Angeles County. We furnish limitless choices that render visionary emergency egresses. Whether your project calls for architectural, safety, high performance or decorative glass types, we have it all. You can quote everything from clear tempered, laminated SentryGlas® and IG units to multiple colors, textures and custom sandblasted designs. Regardless of your plans, our glass types look beautiful in glass door panic systems, full framed and aluminum fire exits.

We fabricate nearly all glass types in our facility. Implementing stringent in-house quality controls, we deliver the premium quality products you’ve come to expect from us. Crafted by our skilled tradesmen, these glass types stand the test of time in all glass, full framed and aluminum panic doors.

Our glass types are available in a large assortment of sizes and thicknesses. Offered in thicknesses for each style of door, we produce vast scopes of panel sizes for safety egresses. You can order these glass types to fit all glass, full framed and aluminum panic doors and in oversizes for custom sidelites, evacuation exits and more.

Custom Gluechip Glass Doors

Custom Glue Chipped Glass Door Panic System

Architectural Glass Types

We supply various architectural glass types for fire egresses. Made with annealed or tempered glass, our selection yields excellent clarity, strength and a range of color options. Great for glass door panic systems, full framed and aluminum thresholds, these glass types satisfy numerous proposals.

Available Architectural Glass Types:

Clear Annealed Glass

Clear Annealed Glass

Superior Optical Properties & High Light Transmittance

Clear Tempered Glass

Clear Tempered Glass

Heat Strengthened Superior Optical Properties & Visibility

Low Iron Glass

Low Iron Glass

Delivers a Practically Colorless Appearance

Mirrored Glass

Mirrored Glass

Clear, Gray, Bronze & Acid Etched Blue

Laminated Safety Glass Types

Bid our laminated safety glass types and meet those building code requirements. Granting added strength and security, they’re ideal for all glass, full framed and aluminum panic doors. You can request these glass types with interlayers for hurricane and bullet resistance as well as impact protection.

Available Laminated Safety Glass Types:

Structural SentryGlas®

Sentryglas Interlayer

Impact Rated & Hurricane Resistant

PVB Interlayers

PVB Interlayers

We Stock Clear & 3 Whites

Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet Resistant Glass

Ammunition Levels 1-8 with UL Listings

High Performance Glass Types

Need high performance glass types for your emergency egress? Delivering increased energy efficiency, sound control, and greater heat gain coefficients, our collection has a lot to offer. These glass types bring many solutions to glass door panic systems, full framed and aluminum fire exits.

Available High Performance Glass Types:

Sound Control Glass

Sound Control Glass

Acoustic Grade PVB Prevents Sound Travel

IG Units

Insulated Glass Unit

Sealed Air Space Improves Thermal Performance

Low E Glass

Low E Glass

Vast Hard & Soft Coats & Guardian SunGuard® Coatings to Increase Energy Efficiency

Tinted Glass

Tinted Bronze Glass

10 Coated & Uncoated Colors for Improved Solar Control (Tinted Bronze Shown)

Reflective Glass

Reflective Bluegreen Eclipse Glass

Over 10 Colors for Increased U-Values & Heat Gains (Bluegreen Eclipse Shown)

Decorative Glass Types

Specify our decorative glass types to create one-of-a-kind panic doors. All fabricated in-house, we can generate just about anything your clients desire. You can quote volumes of textures, colors, patterned interlayers, custom sandblasted graphics, and more. Regardless of which you choose, they all look captivating in all glass, full framed and aluminum safety exits.

Available Decorative Glass Types:

Textured Glass

Textured Bamboo Glass

Over 10 Popular Textures & Patterns for Panic Systems (Textured Bamboo Shown)

Glue Chipped Glass

Glue Chipped Rolled Glass

Endless Standard & Custom Motifs, Borders & Decorative Accents (Glue Chipped Rolled Shown)

Spandrel Glass & Laminated Colors

Spandrel Color Glass Samples

Over 20 Standard & Infinite Custom Transparent or Opaque Colors

Decorative Interlayer Patterns

Decorative Interlayer Samples

Unlimited Designs Using Fabrics, Veneers & More

Custom Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted Glass Mermaid

Boundless Images, Themes Corporate Logos & Slogans

Glass Sizes & Thicknesses

We render these glass types in several sizes and thicknesses for emergency egresses. Sold in dimensions based on type of glass, you can order a range of thicknesses for each door style. And we can even produce custom sized glass panels and thicknesses for glass door panic systems, full framed and aluminum fire exits.

Available Glass Panel Sizes:

  • Tempered Panels: Up to 110” x 198”
  • Annealed Glass: Call for dimensions
  • Laminated Sheets: Up to 96” x 155”
  • IG Units: Up to 98” x 137”

Available Glass Thicknesses:

All Glass Doors

All Glass Door Thicknesses

Glass Thicknesses: ½”, 5/8” & ¾”

Full Framed Cladded Doors

Full Framed Glass Thicknesses

Glass Thicknesses: ¼” – 1 ¼”

Ultra-Narrow Cladded Doors

Ultra Narrow Glass Thicknesses

Glass Thicknesses: ½” – ¾”

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum Door Glass Thicknesses

Glass Thicknesses: ¼” – 1”

Explore our glass type options for panic systems. At PRL, can you find huge assortments for all glass, full framed and aluminum evacuation doors.