Floor Latching Panic Device PL-110

Our PL-110 floor latching panic device offers an unassuming presence on glass door panic systems. A slender, 1 ¼” diameter L-shaped interior push bar, the PL-110’s latching mechanism is concealed inside its tubular housing. This clever design delivers a clean, slim profile so your entrance doors are the centerpiece of emergency egresses.

We manufacture this floor latching panic device in our facility. Generated from stainless steel, you can choose 4 trendsetting styles to adorn fire exits. Stunning on glass door panic systems, the PL-110 can also be used on full framed and aluminum doors to create life-safety egresses.

Floor Latching Panic Device:

Designed to latch into the floor, the PL-110 panic device accepts a ramp or a dome strike to secure latch bolts into the threshold. Due to safety issues, ramp strikes are more commonly used. Please consult building codes prior to ordering this crash bar. The PL-110 does NOT meet ADA door regulations. Its floor latching operation interferes with wheel chair access.

The PL-110 floor latching panic device can be securely mounted on a minimum of ½” thick glass. Just specify our minimal mounting plate that can be used as part of the push pad. We also stock an assortment of other fittings to accommodate different emergency door applications.

This panic device is equipped with a dogging feature to enable secure 24/7 access. To permit free exterior entries, it can be activated. This retracts the latch into an open position, allowing the PL-110 to be used as a simple push-pull bar. To prohibit exterior entries at all times, the dogging feature can be deactivated for secure 24/7 access.

Our PL-110 floor latching panic device has been tested up to 2.0 million cycles in accordance to the American National Standard safety for panic devices (UL305), American Standard Institute (ANSI) and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association Inc., (BHMA) A 156.3- 2008, Grade 1 certified.

Panic Device Styles:

We sell 4 visionary styles of the PL-110 panic device for fire exit doors- the Classic, Unique, Innovative and Advanced.
Whether your project is a glass door panic system, aluminum, or full framed emergency egress, we have a style to match your client’s taste.

  • Classic Style: Round tubing with radius corners
  • Unique Style: Round tubing with mitered corners
  • Innovative Style: Square tubing with mitered corners
  • Advanced Style: Square tubing with radius corners

Panic Device Finishes:

You can bid numerous architectural finishes for our floor latching panic device. All rendered ourselves, we supply premium quality finishes that won’t disappoint. Blending seamlessly with many environments, these crash bar finishes look beautiful on glass door panic systems.

  • Brushed & polished stainless steel
  • Satin & polished brass
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Powder coats & Kynar paints

Floor Latching Panic Device Info

Take advantage of all our floor latching panic device has to offer. Primarily used on all glass doors, the PL-110 can be adapted for full framed and aluminum safety exits. This interior push pad also accepts many glass thicknesses and boasts multiple features. Read below to see what you can get for your glass door panic systems.

Door Options & Glass Thicknesses:

  • All Glass Panic Doors: ½”, 5/8” & ¾” glass thicknesses
  • Full Framed Cladded Doors: ¼” – 1 ¼” glass thicknesses
  • Aluminum Egress Doors: ¼” – 1” glass thicknesses

PL-110 Features & Options:

Shop floor latching panic devices at PRL! You’ll get excellent technical support and easy online ordering. Just send us your emergency egress specs and we’ll take care of the rest.