3 Panic Door Device Styles. Safety Never Looked So Good!

PRL’s glass door panic system in round, mitered and square designs provide slim, smart, uninterrupted views on your all glass doors. Also adaptable for full framed clad panic device doors with an infinite array of custom glass door options. A vast collection of door rails and patch fittings as well as a medley of dazzling finishes. PRL- we bring your visions to life!

PL 100 Top Latching Panic Device

  • Latches into door header
  • Meets A.D.A. regulations
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Slender, 1 ¼” L-shaped design
  • Dogging feature for secure 24/7 access
  • Tested in accordance to ANSI standards
  • Adaptable to small format IC core cylinders
  • PRL panic bar protective covering

3 Panic Device Styles:

  • Standard Round:
    A round style with smooth, rounded corners.
  • Standard Mitered Round:
    A round style with sleek 90˚ mitered corners.
  • Custom Square:
    An innovative, square panic device with 90˚ mitered corners and crisp clean lines and edges. The first ever to design a square panic device, PRL pioneers ahead of the competition bringing you this visionary PRL exclusive.

Panic Door Options:

  • 5 All Glass Door Styles:
    P style
    BP style
    F style
    A style
    WS450 I-Line style
    Glass Thicknesses: ½”, 5/8” & ¾”
  • 3 Full Framed Clad Door Stiles:
    3” narrow stile
    4” medium stile
    5 ½” wide stile
    Glass Thicknesses: ¼” – 1 ¼”

Door Rails & TVS Patch Fittings:

  • Door Rails:
    Dry set door rails
    Wet set door rails
    Rapid dry set sidelite door rails
  • Total Vision System (TVS) Patch Fittings:
    Sidelite/transom pivot brackets
    Sidelite/transon fin brackets
    Transom door stops
    Wall/transom pivot brackets
    L-Angle fin head brackets
    90˚ glass-to-glass connector patch fittings
    And more!

PL 110 Floor Latching Panic Device

  • Latches into floor
  • Ramp or dome strike options
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Slender, 1 ¼” L-shaped design
  • Dogging feature for secure 24/7 access
  • Tested in accordance to ANSI standards
  • Adaptable to small format IC core cylinders
  • PRL panic bar protective covering

Glass Door Panic System Finishes:

  • Polished stainless steel
  • Satin stainless steel
  • Polished brass
  • Satin brass
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Powder coat
  • Kynar paint
  • Custom glass door panic system finishes

Glass Type Options:

  • Tempered
  • Laminated
  • Insulated
  • Low E
  • Tinted
  • Reflective
  • Textured
  • Patterned
  • Spandrel
  • Sanblasted
  • GlueChip
  • Custom

Optional Exterior Handles:

  • Exterior Panic Handle Series:
    Designed to match our interior panic devices
    Available in all industry standard styles from A to Y
  • Exterior Deadbolt Handles:
    Complements panic systems beautifully
    Available with keyed cylinders or thumb turns
    Optional top latch bolts for electric strikes
  • Custom Exterior Handles:
    Bring your visions to life. Customize your exterior handle.
    Solid and mixed finishes
    Personalized logos and curved, tubular, geometric and S-shapes
glass door panic system

PRL’s Glass Door Panic System. Complete-ly Captivating.

Alluring? Ravishing? Awe-inspiring? Sure. But at PRL, we prefer complete-ly captivating. That’s because we offer all-inclusive panic systems for all glass doors and full framed clad doors that are, well… captivating. Extending a bountiful array of panic system products, we supply everything you need to create an entire emergency egress system. That’s right. We have it all. Complete-ly.

Simply Beautiful Panic Door Devices.

No more clunky horizontal bars that consume your glass door views. Just simply beautiful doors from PRL. Fabricated from narrow, 1 ¼” diameter stainless steel tubing and sporting a slender, unassuming L-shaped design, our glass door panic system boast delicate profiles that won’t distract from the beauty of your doors. Just simple, refined elegance that accents panic entrances.

Looking for a Panic Device That Meets A.D.A. Regulations?

The PL-100 is The Choice for You.

Designed to latch into the door header, the PL-100 panic device is equipped with a top latching mechanism at the top of the door that interfaces with a manual or electric strike. You asked. PRL delivered. This top latching design accommodates wheel chair access and meets A.D.A. regulations.

Panic System Features & Options

Furnishing a host of features and options for our all glass and full framed panic systems. Fabricating and extruding most of our products in-house, we can accommodate custom as well as standard orders. Work with our experts to create the panic system your business deserves. Also find answers to frequently asked questions regarding all our panic device systems here.

When Your Looking for Only the Best

We pride ourselves in supplying top quality products our customers have to come expect. Our glass door panic system is no different. Fabricating all our products from the finest materials, we provide durability and uncompromised quality. Make sure your emergency exit makes a good first impression by ordering with PRL TODAY!

PRL Panic Door Device

Entrance Doors, Panic Devices and Hardware Catalog

UL Certified Panic Door Devices

UL Certified & Tested in Accordance With ANSI & BHMA

Tested up to 2 million cycles

PRL’s panic devices have been tested up to 2 million cycles in accordance to the American National Standard safety for panic devices (UL305), American Standard Institute (ANSI) and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association Inc., (BHMA) A 156.3- 2008, Grade 1 certified.

Unlimited Glass Type Options. You Name It. We Fabricate It.

Offering infinite glass options for all glass or full framed panic door systems. From functional to decorative glass types, we have it all. Offering everything from tempered and insulated glass types to tinted and sandblasted, we provide a dazzling array of glass options for emergency exits.

PRL Panic Devices. Strength & Sophistication for Emergency Exit Doors

emergency exit doors

For Panic Hardware with strength and style, PRL Glass & Aluminum Emergency Exit Doors are the Industry leader! We offer traditional round tube panic devices as well as square tube options, providing the best of form and function for heavy entrance doors up to 120″ tall.

UL certified and tested to 2.0 million cycles, our panic devices are designed to meet Read More...

What Our Customers Say

“I was using different fabricators before PRL, but I had too much fabrication and back orders problems.
Thanks to PRL my business now runs smoothly with minimum back orders or mistakes”.

Isaac Y.

“They are fast glass fabricators. #1 in my list of vendors. Thanks for another great year!”

Maria K.

Fire Exit Doors

Fire Exit Doors

Beautiful, expansive views, oversized all glass fire exit doors and 3 panic device styles! Available in a large selection of panic device finishes and glass types.

Glass Door Exit Device

Glass Door Exit Device

As Southern California’s leading glazing and aluminum manufacturer, PRL’s glass door exit device offers three exclusive features not available on other manufacturers’ panic devices.

Panic Device Hardware

Panic Devices and Hardware Catalog

At PRL of Southern California, we understand the importance of staying on top of new glazing industry trends, products and architectural designs.

Need Some New Ideas for Your Glass Door Panic System?

Find inspiration and ideas by browsing PRL’s panic device catalog! Whether you’re looking for panic devices, door options, glass types, hardware or exterior handles, they’re all in there. PRL- we provide solutions.

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