How Can PRL Accommodate Large Glass Panic Device Doors? Find Out!

How can PRL accommodate large glass panic device doors? With our exterior panic handles. When used with our interior push pads and ¾” tempered glass doors, they’ll support fire exit doors up to 120’ tall! Otherwise known as dummy handles, our F and FS styles were designed to match our panic devices with the same 1 ¼” diameter tubing.

To meet the growing demand for large glass panic device doors, we created the F and FS style exterior panic handles. Manufactured in-house from stainless steel, they can be ordered in round or square profiles. Need to know if these handles satisfy A.D.A regulations? What about which glass thicknesses or finishes you can bid? Keep reading below. As the only glass and metal supplier offering large glass panic device doors of this size, we answer all your questions.

How Do These Exterior Handles Support Large Glass Panic Device Doors?

With their full-height designs. Our exterior panic handles run in-line with our interior crash bar’s vertical rod from the top of the door to the bottom. This design supports large glass panic device doors by adding rigidity and reducing glass deflection which increases the door’s strength.

Can I Use the F Style Exterior Panic Handle to Meet A.D.A. Regulations?

No. The F style exterior panic handle doesn’t accommodate wheelchair access since it latches at the bottom of the door. This design does not comply with A.D.A. regulations. So, we recommend consulting with local and state building codes prior to specifying them for large glass panic device doors.

Do You Supply A.D.A Compliant Exterior Handles for Large Glass Panic Device Doors?

Yes we do! You can use our FS style exterior panic handle. An exact replica of the F style, it’s held 10” from the bottom of the door to accommodate wheelchair access. So this design does comply with A.D.A. regulations.

Are Your Panic Devices UL Certified?

Yes. Our interior push pads are UL certified by Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety Panic Hardware (UL305). They’ve also been tested up to 2.0 million cycles in accordance to American National Standards for Exit Devices, ANSI (American National Standards Institute), BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufactures Association, Inc.), A156.3-2008 (Grade 1).

Large Glass Panic Device Doors

What’s the Difference Between Exterior Panic Handles & Panic Devices?

Our exterior panic handles are full-height tubular bars that mount on the outside of large glass panic device doors. They operate like typical pull handles so doors can be opened from the exterior of a building.

Our panic devices are L-shaped interior push bars that mount on the inside of emergency egress doors. They operate by pushing on their horizontal bars. This releases a latch so doors open freely, and people can evacuate a building in the event of emergencies.


Which Glass Thicknesses Will Your Exterior Handles Accept?

These exterior panic handles accept ¼” to 1 ¼” glass thicknesses. So, they can be used on a great scope of large glass panic device doors.


Can I Use These Exterior Panic Handles on Any Door Styles?

Yes. Because our exterior handles fit a broad range of glass thicknesses, they can also be used on our full framed and aluminum fire exit doors in addition to large glass panic device doors.


How Many Exterior Handle Finishes Can I Get?

You can quote these exterior panic handles in brushed and polished stainless steel, satin and polished brass and oil rubbed bronze finishes. You can also request them in custom Kynar paints.

Don’t miss out! Shop at PRL of the West Coast! With our exterior panic handles, we can accommodate large glass panic device doors up to 120” tall!