Need New Ideas for Emergency Exit Systems? Shop PRL’s Panic Devices and Hardware Catalog

Take a look at our Panic catalog and see what PRL can do for you!

At PRL of Southern California, we understand the importance of staying on top of new glazing industry trends, products and architectural designs. That’s why we offer architects and specifiers new emergency exit system ideas with our panic devices and hardware catalog.

Full Line of Fire and Safety Rated Products

PRL’s Panic Devices & Hardware catalog puts shopping at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, a specific component, or want to know more about our panic products, they’re all in there.

As a single-source supplier, PRL of the West Coast is the first choice among specifiers designing certified emergency exit systems. We offer everything from loose fire exit hardware components to complete panic systems. Fabricating and extruding almost all of components in-house, we supply premium quality life safety products that create durable and secure egress control systems.

PRL’s Panic Devices & Hardware catalog features our fire and safety rated devices, deadbolts, fittings and panic door configurations. We also showcase our line of exterior emergency exit handles, Total Vision System (TVS) headers and our large collection of standard, ladder and custom pulls.

Our Panic Devices & Hardware catalog and see what PRL can do for you! Learn why PRL Glass and Aluminum is the leading supplier of complete emergency exit systems in Southern California.

Panic Devices and Hardware Catalog for Emergency Exit Door Systems

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