Learn About PRL All Glass Door Panic System Hardware

Available in a host of lustrous finishes, we offer a large assortment of standard patch fittings for a variety of glass thicknesses.

Looking for all glass door panic system hardware? You’ve come to the right place. PRL of Southern California supplies a vast collection of Total Vision System (TVS) glass door patch fittings for all glass emergency egress systems.

What is PRL’s Total Vision System?

Designed to pivot all glass panic doors and hold adjacent glass panels in place, the Total Vision System (TVS) is a combination of heavy tempered glass used in conjunction with small but strong European style glass door patch fitting hardware. With PRL’s Total Vision System (TVS), the glass is the structural element and European style door hardware simply serves to pivot glass fire exit doors.

What Are TVS Glass Door Patch Fittings?

TVS glass door patch fittings, also known as European patch fittings, are slender metal supports that secure all glass panic doors with transparency and provide outstanding all glass views for secure egress systems.

When used properly, European patch fittings are strong and capable of accommodating most standard opening conditions. Therefore, specifiers and architects are advised to consider thoughtful design considerations when specifying our Euro hardware.

To accommodate unlimited glass fire exit configurations, PRL offers multiple modular Euro fittings. We can also accommodate customized European style fittings for oversized glass panic doors and special configurations. Some limitations may apply for customizations. Please consult with a PRL representative for details.

Available in a host of lustrous finishes, we offer a large assortment of standard patch fittings for a variety of glass thicknesses. Fabricating our own standard and custom floating headers in-house, PRL of Los Angeles County provides the premium quality products we’re known for.

Total Vision System (TVS) Glass Door Patch Fittings:

  • L-Angle fin head brackets
  • Wall/transom pivot brackets
  • Transom door stops
  • Sidelite/transom pivot brackets: 1/2″ & 3/4″ glass thicknesses
  • Sidelite/transom fin brackets
  • Sidelite/transom door stop brackets
  • Sidelite/sidelite brackets with fins
  • 90 degree sidelite/transom pivot brackets
  • 180 degree sidelite/sidelite brackets
  • 90 degree glass-to-glass connector patch fittings

Total Vision System (TVS) Glass Door Patch Fitting Finishes:

  • Satin and polished brass
  • Clear and bronze anodize
  • Polished and brushed stainless steel
  • Painted

Securing all glass fire exit doors with transparency and affording incomparable glass views, you simply can’t pass up our glass door panic system hardware.

Make sure your all glass emergency egress makes a good first impression by ordering with PRL of Southern California. PRL’s Total Vision system glass door patch fittings. Innovate your world.