PRL’s Panic System Hardware. Learn About TVS Patch Fittings for All Glass Fire Exit Doors

Get expansive views for all glass life-safety doors with our TVS panic system hardware!

Do business with PRL and learn about our panic system hardware. These Total Vision System (TVS) Euro patch fittings are designed specifically for heavy all glass doors. Small in size and sporting minimal profiles, our hardware delivers expansive, unobstructive views for emergency egress systems. They’re so tiny, you’ll hardly notice they’re there!

Want to know more about our panic system hardware? Keep reading below. As the #1 manufacturer of life-safety products on the West Coast, we answer all your questions. You’ll find out what our TVS system is, which Euro patch fittings you can buy, how many finishes we offer, and more. So, call us today! Our panic system hardware is the way to create impressive all glass evacuation doors.

What Are TVS Euro Patch Fittings?

This panic system hardware is a collection of petite metal supports that pivot all glass fire exit doors and hold adjacent glass panels in place. Measuring just 2” high x 6 ½” wide, their small size is barely noticeable. So, all you see are completely transparent glass doors without any obstructions.


What is PRL’s Total Vision System? How Does It Work?

This system is a combination of heavy tempered glass and our TVS Euro patch fittings. Using them together, the glass serves as the structural element, and our panic system hardware pivots all glass emergency egress doors.


Is This Panic Hardware Strong Enough to Support Heavy All Glass Doors?

Yes. Our TVS Euro fittings are made with aluminum and stainless steel steel fasteners. When used properly, they’re strong and capable of supporting heavy all glass evacuation doors and will accommodate most standard opening conditions. For this reason, it’s important to assess design considerations prior to quoting our panic system hardware.


Will Your TVS Euro Fittings Accept Multiple Glass Thicknesses?

Yes. Our panic system hardware fits ½”, 5/8” and ¾” glass thicknesses. So, you can specify these TVS fittings for a wide variety of emergency egresses and all glass life-safety doors.

More Panic System Hardware Q&A’s

My Fire Exit Requires Thicker Glass Panels. Do You Sell Panic Hardware for Them?

  • Yes we do. We carry an assortment of related TVS Euro patch fittings specifically for thicker adjacent glass panels.
    Some examples for evacuation systems include stabilizer fins, glass transoms and fixed sidelites.

How Many Kinds of TVS Euro Fittings Can I Order?


  • L-angle fin brackets
  • Sidelite/transom fin brackets
  • Sidelite/sidelite brackets with fins
  • 180˚ sidelite/sidelite brackets
  • 90˚ sidelite/transom pivot brackets
  • Wall/transom pivot brackets
  • Sidelite/transom door stop brackets

Patch Fittings:

  • Glass patch fittings
  • 90˚ glass-to-glass connector patch fittings
  • Door rail patch fittings
  • Door lock patch fittings
  • Top & bottom door patch fittings
  • Samson hydraulic door patch fittings
  • Transom door stops

Can I Get Custom Panic System Hardware for My Oversized All Glass Doors?

Yes you can. We generate all TVS Euro fittings in our facility. So, you can request custom hardware for oversized all glass panic doors and we’ll produce it to your exact specifications. We can also create custom TVS supports for special fire exit system configurations.

Which Finishes Do You Offer for TVS Euro Patch Fittings?

  • #4 Brushed & #8 polished stainless steel
  • Satin & polished brass
  • Clear & bronze anodized
  • Custom Kynar paints

Order PRL’s panic system hardware! Delivering transparency and incredible glass door views, our TVS Euro patch fittings will innovate your world.