PL-100 Panic Device. Get the Strongest & Most Reliable at PRL of Los Angeles County!

PL-100 panic device. Don’t miss out! It exceeds industry standards! Passed at 2.0 million cycles instead of 500,000!

Quote the PL-100 panic device at PRL Glass & Aluminum. It’s the strongest and most reliable in the glazing industry. UL listed and completing over 2.0 million cycles, this interior crash bar exceeds the 500,000 industry standard cycles! Hands down, our PL-100 panic device knocks out the competition. Suitable for all glass, full framed and aluminum fire exit doors, this push pad has a lot to offer.

We manufacture the PL-100 panic device in our facility. Made with durable stainless steel tubing, stronger components and an improved cylinder design, this is one piece of hardware you can’t do without. Our narrow 1 ¼” diameter L-shaped panic device secures emergency egress doors reliably. And, available in 4 crash bar styles in a host of architectural finishes, the PL-100 brings multiple options to evacuation doors and life-safety systems.

PL-100 Panic Device Features & Tests:

  • Material: Durable stainless steel tubing
  • Stronger Components: Prevents fire exit doors being forced open from exterior when locked
  • Improved Cylinder Design: Resolves keys from jamming in lock housings
  • Latching Location: Top of panic door
  • Dogging Feature: Enables secure 24/7 access


Fully Certified & UL Approved:

The PL-100 push pad has been tested in accordance with American National Standards for Exit Devices, ANSI (American National Standards Institute), BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufactures Association, Inc.), A156.3-2008 (Grade 1) and UL305 (Underwriters Laboratories) Standard for Safety Panic Hardware.


Grade 1 Cycle Test:

Panic devices must go through 500,000 cycles of operation without failing. The PL-100 exceeded this standard, passing at 2.0 million cycles.


Maximum Abuse Tests Passed:

  • Exit Test: Passed at 7.5 lbs.
  • Pull Test: Passed at 35 lbs.
  • Extended Pull Test: Passed at 450 lbs.
  • Inside Pull Test: Passed
  • Push Test: Passed
  • Force to Latch Door Test: Passed at 3.5 lbs.
pl 100 panic device

PL-100 Panic Device Styles:

  • Classic Style: Round tubing with radius corners
  • Unique Style: Round tubing with mitered corners
  • Innovative Style: Square tubing with mitered corners
  • Advanced Style: Square tubing with radius corners

PL-100 Panic Device Finishes:

  • Brushed & polished stainless steel
  • Polished & satin brass
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Powder coats & Kynar paints

    PL-100 panic device. The strongest and most reliable in the industry. Order yours today! Your emergency egress systems deserve better.